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Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation

The concept of a small community- based hospital is not lost at CGMH. Much like the local shop owner, the people that come through the doors want the service and attention that reflect the community’s local values. I recall an incident when my Wife was experiencing abdominal pain and thought it might be linked to a recent positive pregnancy test. The pain was uncomfortable enough to warrant a trip to the Emergency room at CGMH. Once there, she was attended by a physician who had suspected the least and sent her home with instructions to come back later if the pain persisted. When the pain persisted, we returned to the emergency room. We were quickly identified by the triage nurse and another physician who witnessed us from our earlier visit. She was quickly attended to and immediately prepped for surgery. With the time sensitivity of the procedure required, the quick actions by the triage nurse, physician and other staff averted a fatal medical complication. I feel that we could easily have been over-looked in a hospital where a large number of people are seen on any given day; and that the personal attention we received that day saved a life.

I was able to witness first – hand the personal attention and the positive affect that it has on a community that day in the ER. And that is why I have left a Legacy for Life for the CGMHF. I know that I, like many others, will always participate in fund raising for the Foundation. But the Foundation requires more than that. They require that my donations exceed my life in years. Planned giving is the solution, but it is confusing and the tax benefits go directly to the estate. So I went to Susan Allison at A Legacy for Life where planned giving is simple, affordable and the tax benefits go back to the donor in their lifetime.

My goal is to see more people aid the Foundation through Planned Giving. There is so much about a life to celebrate and a planned gift to the CGMHF will be a wonderful deed for your family to celebrate as the gift itself will be used to continue to save lives in our community; a life like my Wife’s.

Richard White
Business Development Manager
Sysco Central Ontario, Inc.

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything but I can still do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do – Helen Keller