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Family History of Diabetes

My family has a history of diabetes. My grandmother was diagnosed in her 70′s, my mother in her 60′s, and then I was diagnosed with Type 2 in my 40′s. We are getting younger and younger and now I have cousins and two nephews, one who died from complications from diabetes just recently, who have this disease.

Nine years after my own diagnosis, with the assistance of five medications I stay on a pretty even keel most of the time. I don’t think about what the future might hold as I am ever hopeful that by that time diabetes will be a thing of the past. Currently though, I am very lucky to have a great support team with my Physician, Dietician, Pharmacist, and our local Diabetic clinic. It is a struggle for most of us economically these days to make ends meet. My husband and I do not have a medical plan to pay for our medications, so there wasn’t much left over at the end of the month to consider donating to charities. When Susan Allison approached me about the A Legacy for Life, I knew I’d found the answer.

For a manageable premium once per month, I now donate to my favourite charity, The Canadian Diabetes Association in hopes that one day they will find a cure. With our diets these days more and more people are being diagnosed and a cure needs to be found. It feels good to know that I am making a contribution to this effort.

The charity wins because when I pass on, they will receive a lump sum payment of $10,000 and in the meantime I receive a charitable donation receipt for the monthly premiums I donate for my taxes. It’s a win-win situation. What could be easier and why aren’t more people doing this?

A Legacy for Life will change many lives. It changed mine.


Beverly Post-Schmeler
Orillia Ontario