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Our Mission is to place "A Legacy for Life"
Into the philanthropic hands of Charitable Organizations Worldwide.

Request for Quotes

We will provide you with quotes on a Non-Medical (Simplified Issue) and regular quotes (Full Medical) basis and then help you determine which is in your best interest according to the information provided to us.

Sample Monthly Premium for Planned Gifts

There are many other options and plans available. Samples are for general assumptions only and with limited information. There is no cost or obligation for your personalized quotes.

Non-Medical Plan – $10,000 – Simple Medical Questions (Sample)
  • Male – Age 45
    $25.21/month for life or $35.21/month for 20 years (Non-Smoker)
    $36.90/monthly for life or $45.25/month for 20 years (Smoker)
  • Female – Age 45
    $21.16/month for life or $30.13month for 20 years (Non-Smoker)
    $28.50/month for life or $36.94/month for 20 years (Smoker)
Medical Plan – $50,000 – Medical and underwriting required (Sample)
  • Male – Age 45
    $47.40/month (Non-Smoker)
    $79.37/month (Smoker)
  • Female – Age 45
    $40.14/month (Non-Smoker)
    $56.45/month (Smoker)

For your own no obligation personalized quote, simply complete the below form, and should you decide to proceed, we will strive to help you through this simply process.

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